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Edward Zorab is a British Director. He trained at the Arts University Bournemouth, before completing a B.A. in filmmaking at the Met Film School, Ealing Studios, and continuing on to build a career writing & directing both short and long form content.


His work in narrative, fashion and music promos has gathered millions of views online and attracted an international audience, and achieved recognition by BAFTA for the short film ‘Youth In Bed’.

He is represented by Deadbeat Films for Music Videos and Tavistock Wood for Film & TV. 



Youth in Bed - Student BAFTA Shortlist / BAFTA LA 2019

If You Know That I'm Lonely - Best Promo / BSFF - 2018 (WINNER)

Spacemen - Best Drama Film / BSFF - 2016 (nominated)

Spacemen - Best Scenography / BSFF- 2016 (WINNER)

Spacemen - Best Genre Film/ BSFF - 2016 (nominated)

Spacemen - Jurors Choice Award / BSFF - 2016 (nominated)

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